1. SELECT the model or part you want to upgrade!
  2. CHOOSE your Power-Up and any additional parts!
  3. CHECKOUT using this site!
  4. CONFIRM your Power-Up!
  5. SEND the Traxxas Power-Up form and your original Traxxas engine, power system, or radio system to Traxxas. You’ll need to keep some parts such as exhaust headers, starters, and pinion gears. (All the details will be explained after you select your Power Up items)
  6. NOTE: The Traxxas Power-Up program is only for U.S. customers.

I'm ready to power up!
With the Traxxas Power-Up Program, you get the LATEST in speed and technology at a savings of 50% off the retail price of your new speed parts. Only Traxxas keeps you running strong long after your original purchase with easy, affordable performance upgrades for your model.
You can take advantage of the Power-Up Program directly through Traxxas via this website, or through your hobby dealer. Simply take your eligible Traxxas item(s) to be exchanged, along with a completed exchange form, to your local hobby dealer (or ship them to Traxxas). You will save both time and shipping and handling costs by making the exchange at your local hobby dealer.